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Various! Males X Male! Reader

Various! Males X Male! Reader

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Swagalicious_Trash By Zero_The_Silencer Updated Dec 30, 2016

So I've looked around the Internet and noticed that there aren't really many X Male! Readers. So I've taken it upon myself to create this Yaoi X Male! Reader book with Males from Games, Anime, Cartoons, Movies, Vocaloid, and TV Shows. So for clarification if Boy on Boy isn't your thing then I suggest not reading this, but if you're okay with it then continue my good sir. 

Requests are: OPEN 


LyonsMajikku LyonsMajikku Oct 09, 2016
The word sad, and every synonym for that word is how I feel after reading that.
BMOisLyfe BMOisLyfe Aug 03, 2016
I actually would've been made if he didn't ask out Levi like that my OTP dammit don't ruin it eren
FoxJunkie FoxJunkie Aug 11, 2016
I cried. I never cry. you deserve a gold medal for this omg-
LittleMissWanda LittleMissWanda Oct 25, 2016
DAAAAAMN that's like Gordon Ramsay telling you that your food tastes heavenly!!!
EFF YOU EREN I HATE U TT^TT (how could this happen to meee--)
Wolffire154 Wolffire154 Feb 18
Your a great author and everything, but I need to punch something for how sad that could this happen!? Pour (M/N)......I would have probably punched eren and Levi right then in there since I am an overly sensitive kinda person so....yeah. 
                              Great work though, really moved😊❤