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Pearl Mae By Devilsmom Completed

~"You don't know me." I snap.

"Sure, I don't. We've only spent more than half of our lives together. But I don't know you. Like at all, I don't." He says sarcastically, making me stand up from my chair and stand in front of him with crossed arms. He keeps seated on my bed, looking just as angry as myself. I study his face for a really short second and internally groan. 

Puberty did really hit him good. ~


Why would Hades think that after two years of not seeing Emma and not answering her calls, she would still be the same? How could he expect her to still be that weak little girl that depended on him? 
No, Emma has changed into somebody he has yet to discover. 

Two years ago, these two had their biggest fight. Best friends should get over it and move on, right? But what if there was no way they could talk it out, due to an unpleasant misunderstanding?

Two years of not hearing shit from each other. Two years of being separated...and that after a bad argument. Both too stubborn to talk about it.

But wouldn't it be so easy to finally sit down and talk? Even after what they did at Julie's first party of the new school year? I mean, they could still act like it didn't happen, since they have both been drunk. Yet they remember and decide it would be best to just avoid each other.

Well, they seem to do a really bad job.

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                              “YOU CAN’T STRADDLE A DUDE YOU JUST ME-DIDN’T EVEN FREAKING MEET” -moi
                              *unless he’s a 9 or higher
DirtyD-XIIx2- DirtyD-XIIx2- Nov 30, 2017
Lmao definitely Hades, and he was pissed when he saw her kissing whatever-his-name-is
😂😂^ Same. I was still gonna read it Ethier way. I love werewolf, fiction, teen fiction, paranormal, Historical fiction. 😘
ladiidiva ladiidiva Jul 31, 2016
Does this story relate to the other or have any characters to give away anything
The_Blue_Devil The_Blue_Devil Aug 19, 2016
Gluten free food is awesome, you just have to know which one to get 😒
salembuster salembuster Nov 04, 2016
After hearing him call her abuela my mind automatically translates her dialogue to Spanish