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Matthew Thrush By genk01 Updated Jan 19

I was in Biology 101 when the sirens went off.

We were herded in single file to the buses that escorted us to the loading docks twenty miles away. Once there, I got dislocated from my group and watched as they boarded the space pod I was meant to be on. Several minutes later, airborne and on their way to space, the white pod exploded into a ball of flame and ash.

Lost in the whims of guilt and relief, I joined another group on a separate pod. Ten minutes later, I looked down upon the Blue Planet for what could very well be the last time. It was not sorrow that I felt for her, but fear.

De-ac-ti-vated tells the story of how Earth perished and its inhabitants were forced to flee into the black unknown of space. But leaving Earth was only the beginning. No one could have fathomed what the deep black of the cosmos held for them.

Highest Ranking: #62 Sci-fi (02/11/2017)

I want to thank @kario12 for a great cover design. Your skill is breathtaking and I love working with you. I would also like to thank Tobias Roetsch for the lovely artwork we were allowed to use. Your talent is superb!!! You can find more of his stuff here:

DarylLee5 DarylLee5 Apr 08
Seems quite good. I wish you the best of luck in writing the rest of it!
Marianluvstar1 Marianluvstar1 May 02, 2016
Is Thai for the science fiction contest. I forgot to write about it. School got in the way
Sparkee0213 Sparkee0213 May 04, 2016
This is awesome Matthew! You're going to win a high place in the contest! Earth Lost has nothing on this :p
dhsIII dhsIII Aug 04, 2016
Very chilling. I would definitely consider taking my chances with the aliens.
lady_love152 lady_love152 Aug 14, 2016
Well a new book to read hope to see all of what happen here ok
hagansm6343 hagansm6343 May 07, 2016
This is a rock solid start for sure.  Well done.  The scene reminds me of thousands of newly hatched sea turtles trying to escape the beach into the ocean.  With so many pods not making it though it seems like maybe this was all thrown together in a relatively short amount of time?