Prison Guard {BxB}

Prison Guard {BxB}

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Elisandra By j-jastin Updated Apr 26, 2017

Being a prison guard... Is hard work. Its not that you want to treat the inmates like they are animals, but its a requirement. Either that or be a softy and get sucked in into everybody's story as in why they are in prison and feel sorry for every single one of them... Or be like Jason McCann. Don't give a fuck about how they feel and just focus on what you should and have to do.

Justin Bieber, nineteen years old boy who gets comfortable wherever he is, ends up in a jail in Canada, why? Peer pressure could get all of us by the neck. Getting three years for shoplifting and public disruption. Justin goes to Donnacona Institution for the next three years of his adolescence for giving in to his friends. Jason is known for putting prisoners in check when  they get out of hand.

Nobody wants to know what happens when Justin gets comfortable with someone instead of getting comfortable in a place.

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sellyxjusty sellyxjusty Apr 22, 2017
Lmao omg I need my brained checked when I read *Why don't they grab something else? * and I thought about dick but I was wrong😂💀
LucyMillers1 LucyMillers1 Jul 07, 2017
That's me to my 16 years old brother for blaming everything on him...😂
sellyxjusty sellyxjusty Apr 22, 2017
If I ever go to court I need to get me that nice dude and McCann lmao
biebersmccan biebersmccan Oct 01, 2017
Pr0toTyPe Pr0toTyPe Aug 12, 2016
Why would you want him to meet your moms if you're interested, hmm?? Looks like Lil Jasey has some stuff he needs to share...
Pr0toTyPe Pr0toTyPe Aug 12, 2016
Me when I asked out this super hot boy in my interpretive dance lessons and the super hot boy said yes (we broke up though, he cheated with a girl 😖)