We're Both Broken

We're Both Broken

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Asa By cha_O_s Updated Apr 26, 2016

I can hear your heartbeat
And the soft sigh you make
When I hold you tight.
I need to hold you to fix myself
Because we're both broken.

The first time you saw my rages
I was afraid
More afraid than you were,
Because I was scared of hurting you.
I'm sorry I had to lock the door.
But I didn't want you to get hurt
Because of me.
I still remember hearing you
Plead for me to come outside
Long after the anger was gone.
You fell asleep while crying,
And when you woke up,
You bandaged my knuckles
Without a word.

I can see you smile in your sleep
And open your eyes
To look at me.
I know that you find safety
Within my eyes,
Because we're both broken.

Your first attack after meeting me
Was on a day when I was away.
That was the day I understood
That it's not what they pretend it's like
That the reality of it
Is far worse than what they show us.
I'm sorry I left you alone that day,
I didn't know when the attack would take place.
I remember finding you 
Hiding in the bathroom
And you looked like...