Always Loved By Him:Golden Freddy X Reader

Always Loved By Him:Golden Freddy X Reader

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Andreasaurus By TheDoctorSkylox Updated Aug 11

Sequel to Right Here All Along:Golden Freddy X Reader.  

(Y/N) just graduated from high school and is in need for a job, while looking through the newspaper she finds a job a night guard at the place where her friends were murdered.  It's been 3 years since the incident and she is forced to take the job because it was a good paying job, well it was the only good paying job.  

After 3 long years, (y/n) walks in the establishment not even remembering the murder that would haunt her forever.   (Y/N) doesn't remember her friends,but her friends remember her.  Will she remember her friends again or will she forget the most important person in her life?  Also what is lurking in the shadows?

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Napstablook201x Napstablook201x Dec 03, 2016
I just realized (one chapter later I'm a idiot) that she put gravity falls characters I here
GoldenFreddyBae GoldenFreddyBae May 16, 2016
I love it and no prob ill wait for the rest of this wonderful stories u take ur time
Is foxy a giraffe now?!😂 he is the tallest of them all in the pic he is now the tol giraffe
Lighingstar123 Lighingstar123 May 26, 2016
Can't wait to see what happens next, and it was updated on my birthday....yay!
HAHAHAHA!!!!! I WAS ACTUALLY EXPECTING THAT!!!!!I am a Bill Cipher fan too!
AcersAndTerminal AcersAndTerminal Jun 08, 2016
Me: will I know how it feels to be sensitive * pats will on the head*
                              Terminal: * behind bush with phone* * taking photos * *jumps out of bush * I SHIP IT!!!
                              Me: WHAT THE HELL GIVE MEH THAT PHONE
                              Terminal: YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!!! *Runs away*