Always Loved By Him:Golden Freddy X Reader

Always Loved By Him:Golden Freddy X Reader

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Andreasaurus By TheDoctorSkylox Updated Nov 11

Sequel to Right Here All Along:Golden Freddy X Reader.  

(Y/N) just graduated from high school and is in need for a job, while looking through the newspaper she finds a job a night guard at the place where her friends were murdered.  It's been 3 years since the incident and she is forced to take the job because it was a good paying job, well it was the only good paying job.  

After 3 long years, (y/n) walks in the establishment not even remembering the murder that would haunt her forever.   (Y/N) doesn't remember her friends,but her friends remember her.  Will she remember her friends again or will she forget the most important person in her life?

I just realized (one chapter later I'm a idiot) that she put gravity falls characters I here
I love it and no prob ill wait for the rest of this wonderful stories u take ur time
Can't wait to see what happens next, and it was updated on my birthday....yay!
Me: will I know how it feels to be sensitive * pats will on the head*
                              Terminal: * behind bush with phone* * taking photos * *jumps out of bush * I SHIP IT!!!
                              Me: WHAT THE HELL GIVE MEH THAT PHONE
                              Terminal: YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!!! *Runs away*