Mafia Kings Little Angel

Mafia Kings Little Angel

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potatoiooiioo By pandapet22 Updated Nov 08, 2017

Lena talles just turned 18 she is 5'0 and pretty but she hides it behind glasses she doesn't need and bangs. She has 1 week left of school the place where every one ignores her for being 'ugly' but what no one knows is that she is abused. Not by her parents that impossible they died when she was 15. She is abused by her uncle when he gets drunk. It was never a bad beating until one night he gets too drunk....Oh and if she snaps she could kill you in 10 different ways with a pen.

Silver Montoya a Italian mafia leader. He is so powerful that he has the other mafias in the palm of his hand. He is ruthless, cold-hearted, evil, the devil himself. He won't let females that want to sleep with him in his home or bed. He'll do women then throw them out like they don't even exist. 

Silver is one man no one wants to mess
 with but what happens when he sees a broken girl walking around in the middle of the night.

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Isn't 'kill you ten different ways with a pen, a movie quote?
sweatoutafever sweatoutafever Sep 08, 2017
If someone started saying shít like this to me their ass would be beat
Hufferin Hufferin Nov 13, 2017
My names Lena, I wear glasses, I'm 5'1 (close to 5'0), and I have bangs. 😁
Danger-Cat Danger-Cat Jul 06, 2017
I take your b!tch right from you (you)
                              B!tch am dog woof (grrr)
iluvudoggy iluvudoggy Oct 19, 2017
Do you have a left hand guy? What about a left hand woman? What the left hand isn’t good enough for you? Ugh 😑 that is so messed up!!
                              *im just kidding guys*
CrazyCatCrew593 CrazyCatCrew593 Jul 25, 2016
Love this story so far. I've read something with a similar general idea of the Mafia boss having his sweetheart/Angel but this one is the best so far! 🤗😘😍😋☺️😉