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Delivery Girl (Haikyuu x Reader)

Delivery Girl (Haikyuu x Reader)

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Maddie By Burple560 Updated Feb 13

(F/n) (S/n) was the invisible twin and that's how it had always been. Except when she was watching her anime, shipping every male she could see and unknowingly making multiple males fall at her feet. (F/n) worked part time in her family's sports shop and also was the delivery girl. Delivering packages could never of been so much fun. Her twin brother, Satoru, had a special love for volleyball and his Senapi's, her family was sports crazed and she still managed to keep her sanity. Partially. Let's see what happens when you put a delivery girl, a twin brother, two best friends and four groups of volleyball players together? Defiantly NOT a gay wonder land of muscles and balls.

SaltedPeach SaltedPeach May 13
                              The fourth wall is breaking
                              Oh no
                              Im so unenthusiastic about this but
_Cookie-Monster _Cookie-Monster 5 days ago
When everyone is fangirling over Sugamama, but you're just thinking about how Yachi will appear
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka 6 days ago
Everyone is beautiful but I'm the only regection I am very awesome and everyone else are plain stupid at least I'm better at one thing even though you all are better at others
LizzyAckerman LizzyAckerman 2 days ago
Oh gawd, XDD
                              It's either me getting to play with my brother half the time,
                              Orrr, risking it by doing that.
                              The first one.
LizzyAckerman LizzyAckerman 2 days ago
What. I don't have a dirty mind. Sure I imagine clothes on the floor, dirt all over, and more things scattered across the floor.
My hair is always pulled in a bun so the only thing wavering in the air is probs my ego