Honey's sister OHSHC x fem! reader *on hold*

Honey's sister OHSHC x fem! reader *on hold*

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Cringe worthy when unedited
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🖤OHSHC X READER (undecided)🖤
Honey has a sister that he hasn't really told anyone about.

Obviously you know that Mori knows,  it's only natural because they are freaking family after all,
but not even Kyoya knows strange as that isn't it? The SHADOW KING doesn't know something about someone.

It's most likely the fact that his sister, Y/n, is a wonderful hacker... I mean informant, and hides the stuff about her connections with the boys...
And a couple more secrets...
One that could cause people to just... just be in a world of hurt and sorrow.
A world that Y/n has been living for years.
They would be involved with her... *shudders* job

i am honey's sister in this fanfic so i surprisingly i saw this coming.
djqkkfg djqkkfg Aug 03
True but not like scares me I just don't really like my voice
Same. I can (attempt to) make anything other than macaroni. Macaroni hates me.
LizzyRomeave LizzyRomeave a day ago
                              Drowning in flames.
                              I'm joking.
                              It's non-existent.
djqkkfg djqkkfg Aug 03
I just imagine the plane was in crashed into the school and next to honey and I gave him a hug lol!
djqkkfg djqkkfg Aug 03
Lol it weird 'cause I can kind of relate to this because I'm younger than everybody in school but in a very high grade (because they say im "smart" even though I doubt it)