Honey's Sister

Honey's Sister

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Smitty By snsmith116 Updated Mar 01, 2017

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Honey has a sister that he hasn't really told anyone about.

Obviously Mori knows,  they're family, after all. 
No one in the host club knows about her, not even Kyoya. Strange, isn't it? The SHADOW KING doesn't know something.

It's most likely due the fact that Honey's sister, Y/n, is a wonderful hacker... I meant informant. She hides her connections with the boys by erasing herself entirely from the system...
And a couple more things don't exist as well.
Secrets that could cause people to just... just be enveloped in a world that consists of hurt and sorrow.
A world that Y/n has been living in for years.
Those who know about them would be involved with her... job.

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underswapfan12345 underswapfan12345 Dec 08, 2017
Wait I read it as SAT-IN not SA-TAN..........BYE! *jumps out a window with papyrus*
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I rather be a kitten Than I potato 
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Lol I'm actually allergic to potatoes.(Not really I just hate them unless if they're French fries) And I love tomatoes on their own, add some salt and basil and oh buddy bit that's good!
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Yes I know I'm awesome no need to tell me 
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More along the lines of "oh my God this little girls going to be the death of me"
Because Elizabeth is totally a guys name...meh whatever that's not even my real name just the name I use in x readers