Beyond Sanity (On-Hold)

Beyond Sanity (On-Hold)

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Valerie Walsh ™ By lost48 Updated Jun 21

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~E X C E R P T~
      I noticed that the upper buttons of his shirt were opened, showing of his muscles. Oh my god! He looked so yummy.
      "So, did you get an eyeful?" he suddenly inquired, and my eyes popped out in shock, before I could react again, and I adverted my gaze and faked innocence.
      "I don't know what you are talking about!" I babbled. "I have no interest in anything that could concern you!" I added, trying to push myself off him, with my hands.
      In an attempt to free myself, my hand slipped from his chest and I lost my support, causing me to fall on him and accidentally touching my lips with his cheek.
      "What the hell is going on between you two?"
      Rose Parker, a free-spirited, feisty and bold girl, along with her mother and her fiancé move in to a new place, a place which the people have never heard of, with all sorts of weird people. 
      She gets a job in a cafeteria there. She loves her mother and her fiancé with all her heart, being the only ones in her family. She can do anything for them. 
      While returning from her work at late night she accidentally witnesses a murder scene in an alley. The person who is murdered turns out to be her own fiancé. Scared, helpless and terrified, she tries to run but is unfortunately caught by Ethan Clarke, an extremely handsome, arrogant, feared and a rude Mafia boss, who immediately develops an interest in her. 
      But she being as stubborn as a mule, refuses to cooperate with him, defies all his commands and fights with him. She tries hard to stay away from him, but she knows he will not let her go.
      But how long will she be able to resist the charm and passion that comes with the Mafia boss she has been destined to love?

(Contains a little cliché 'cause it was my first book.)

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