Black Bride (Sesul)

Black Bride (Sesul)

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sullicoupleshipper17 By sullicoupleshipper17 Updated 21 hours ago

Arranged Marriage between a Playboy and an Arrogant Woman.

He broke her black wall without even she noticing, and when he rebuilt it,  he added the windows at her wall to let the sunshine in.

" If you're the moon, I'll be the sun. And I'll tell you a story about how much the sun loves the moon. He makes himself die every night to let her breathe..."


choihwamin choihwamin May 29
jinri you are the first bride who whored black dress for the wedding.. i can't wait for the next story.. please update again ^^
vanilla_13 vanilla_13 May 19
Oh my.....this is so interesting ,eonni!! I couldn't wait for the next chapter!!!
This is one of a kind. Of all the stories of arranged marriage that I have read, this is the only one which says "the bride wore a black dress on her wedding day". This is getting more exciting the more I read further. Fighting author!😊
Oh no, Author! This isn't boring! This is just so exciting specially for someone like me who is a shipper of Sulli(one of them is SeSul). I am so excited to read the next chapter. Good luck with this!😊
elliza21 elliza21 May 29
But ur eyes will get hurt if u watch screen too long in the dark....🙈🙈....Fighting!!....I really love the words at this story's forward....