Breaking The Bad Boy's Heart

Breaking The Bad Boy's Heart

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You don't choose who you fall in love with. But you decide whether to stay or leave.

Eastwood town is home to dark secrets that haunt the memories of its residents.

Mia Stellar returns to Eastwood after an unfortunate shooting that occurred four years before which threatened the very existence of her family. Her bubbly and cheerful personality captures the heart of everyone she ever meets. She has a loving mother, a great best friend and a bright future ahead of her. Her only goal is to finish her senior year without any unexpected twists and turns. 
Aiden Black with his greek god-like face, oscar-winning smirk and icy blue eyes never failed to instil fear in the minds of people. He was the definition of a bad boy. While people stay away from trouble, he invites it upon himself.

Apparently, a game night with her best friend ends up chaotic as she breaks into Aiden, the bad boy's house and wrecks his room. Her simple plan to stay under the radar vanishes into thin air when she is forced to stay in the same house with Aiden.

What happens when the town baddie Aiden Black wakes up to a young girl vandalising his room? Throw in a mysterious blackmailer with a weird demand that Mia must fulfil to safeguard her secret. Can the universe handle unlimited sarcastic comments an d flirtatious advances?

Can Aiden and Mia ever let go of their pasts and learn to love or will they succumb to the secrets they harbour in their souls?

The biggest question still remains.
Would you break someone's heart to save yourself?

For all those hopelessly romantic, humour loving specimens and binge readers, this is the book that will surely keep you at night and will have you cursing your single life!
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