It Was Just An Accident (Prussia X Reader)

It Was Just An Accident (Prussia X Reader)

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Forever A Scone By WaffleNeko Updated Dec 03, 2016


((Season 1))You met a guy named Gilbert, surprisingly, you have to be his girlfriend for a month. What happens then when it's already PASSED 1 month? Read more to find out!

((Season 2)) After Gilbert gets reincarnated, the both of you were determine to help him remember. But what happens when nature doesn't allow him to live because he cheated on life itself? 

((Chapter 7.5)) The life after all the seasons, it's where the children come in! I suggest you read this after both the seasons.

madtatted1 madtatted1 Nov 12, 2016
RenaBevario RenaBevario Dec 27, 2016
I tried watching Black Butler 4 times but I was never able to like it ;-; I tried dude but it irritated me in a strange way
GriffinSong GriffinSong May 01, 2016
Poor Prussia feel out of a tree and I did not even care XD
                              Amazingly written! I can't wait for the next part X3 (except I'll have to) 
                              (Btw, this is Nightflight from PA)
PhoenixPaws PhoenixPaws Jul 19, 2016
LOL PRUSSIA!!!! I just... Wow... I need a tissue...
                              P.S. This is @phoenix_photography from PicsArt:3
RachelAten RachelAten Nov 30, 2016
"Mein Gott!!" He shouted, then you hear a distant, "Your grass is soft, frau,"
litebloom litebloom Oct 07, 2016
Loved this so much!!!please come check out my reader x Prussia if you ever get the chance cx