It Was Just An Accident (Prussia X Reader)

It Was Just An Accident (Prussia X Reader)

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(Season 1) You met a guy named Gilbert, surprisingly, you have to be his girlfriend for a month. What happens then when it's already PASSED 1 month? Read more to find out!

(Season 2) After Gilbert gets reincarnated, the both of you were determine to help him remember. But what happens when nature doesn't allow him to live because he cheated on life itself? 

(Chapter 7.5)The life after all the seasons, it's where the children come in! I suggest you read this after both the seasons.

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My mom would never swear
                              Except when she says merde in front of me and thinks I don't know what it means
-eunwoooo -eunwoooo May 17
                              [Chelsea has malfunctioned due to her OTP]
God stop.I now remember this random vine where a boy/man was playing a guitar to two girls like:"I love you,biitch.I ain't never gon' stop lovin' you,biiitch."
Yes that is what I thought to Prussia, ah! My old mind.....I don't miss those days.
I got excided when he smirked... I thought of something completely different.
If dis is how it's gonna be... I'll keep on waking up at 5 AM.