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(Forsaken) Vampires will never hurt you (On Hold)

(Forsaken) Vampires will never hurt you (On Hold)

2.2K Reads 53 Votes 8 Part Story
Liliana Vale By HeidiVale Updated Dec 15, 2010

Lilly had a normal life until a chance encounter with a blue-eyed vampire forced her to change everything. In a desperate attempt to survive she manages to become the only other creature who can possibly stand up to him: a werewolf. David will not stop until he drains her of blood but with the aid of an unlikely friend, Lilly may manage to survive at least a little while longer. But a terrible secret lies just around the corner and something is waiting to be awakened once more. When friends become foes and enemies are not what they seemed, in whom can she lay down her trust?

Angelfox Angelfox Mar 22, 2011
Good start, especially the distinction between sorts of immortality.
EternityIsOnOurSide EternityIsOnOurSide Feb 20, 2011
I love that you've shown the downside part of being immortal. Not many  
                              do. I already like your story and can't wait to read more.
CarinaBachmann CarinaBachmann Feb 07, 2011
i would not call it 'boring', but it is confusing kind of. it's just so much information and i'm sure, i will forghet most of it before i finished the next chapter..
                              but as u say they are less overloaded with infos i'll keep reading ;)
HeidiVale HeidiVale Jan 30, 2011
@luvpixie112 Do read on if you really liked it :) It gets more interesting. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that say oh I like it so much on the next chapter and then don't read any more lol
HeidiVale HeidiVale Jan 29, 2011
@EternityQueen What did you love about it? Do you have anything else to say about the story and the characters? Suggestions to improve the story?
paigemae23 paigemae23 Jan 17, 2011
That is fair enough. It is your story after all so you can set it out however you want. Xx