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Undertale X Reader Oneshots (includes AUs)

Undertale X Reader Oneshots (includes AUs)

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PhoenixFireAngel By PhoenixFireAngel Updated Dec 13, 2016

Some Undertale X Reader oneshots! Includes characters from the AUs!
(Requests accepted!)

- - Sep 22, 2016
Hey there! Could I get some LittleTale! Broken! Mettaton EX x Reader please?
PhoenixFireAngel PhoenixFireAngel Sep 26, 2016
No Its all right! Thank you for the requests! I'll get working after I finish another request!
Ham410 Ham410 Nov 28, 2016
Can you do a Inktale sans X abused!reader
                              Like where the reader is the daughter of a scientist and her like does stuff to her and like beats her when she does something wrong and one day she runs away and ink finds her and helps her till they fall in love..?
Underfell sans x underfell papyrus x reader pls? It would be very much appreciated!
Calibri_the_skeleton Calibri_the_skeleton Nov 07, 2016
Can you please do a buttontale sans x reader if you need to research and stuff that's ok but I would appreciate it very much thank you
TheGamer120X TheGamer120X Aug 11, 2016
LittleTale x Reader one-shot! 
                              Reader is getting bullied and Sans come to the rescue