Dominant Styles

Dominant Styles

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*WARNING* this story will have extreme and graphic sexual content and is intended for a mature audience. It contains BDSM like in (for example) Fifty Shades of Grey as well as some references and similarities to the book but is not the same story at all. Reader discretion is strongly advised. This book was not intended to be your average romance novel, it is not "lovey dovey."

Alexa Stone has been dating international pop star Harry Styles for almost a year now. Most girls would call her the luckiest person in the world, but she doesn't feel that way. Harry has always been the perfect gentleman when it comes to Lexi, always taking care of her and treating her like royalty. But she wants something different. She wants Harry to be darker, to be someone who will push her limits. She secretly craves a dominant and possessive guy, not a sweet gentleman who can't lay a finger on her without fearing she would break. Will Harry be able to satisfy her needs?

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xostyles08 xostyles08 Jun 20
All these Larries are shook and I'm like idc. Like I believe in it personally but I'm not gonna be like OMG YOU WROTE THIS I CANT BELIEVE YOU!1!1!1!
Terrible idea bc then they might do it themselves. Lexi don't risk it
jacqui_5sos jacqui_5sos 4 days ago
Lmao I’m rereading this and the first thing I thought of when I saw her name again was the present she received(not giving anything away) from harry and I want to cry remembering
Omg Louis you make me melt cuz of your smirk and i've seen you do it so many times and i can imagine it perfectly so stahp
And then he'll realize he loved Louis the whole time and do the fifty shades of rainbow with him if yannow what I mean
bruised_ bruised_ Oct 25, 2015
Boo, if your moving in together then tell him you want rough sex