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Alluringtrapx By Alluringtrapx Updated Sep 23, 2016

"Please, just-just let me go!" She screams. "I don't even know who you are anymore!"

"You do know!" He slams his fists against the wall. Blood trickles out of his knuckles as he stares at her like a wild beast.

She quivers from fright, she can't withstand her fears. She suddenly begins to urinate from the intimidation brought upon her from this complete stranger. 

"If you can't remember me, that means he was right! He was right!" He begins to bang his head against the wall continuously. 

"Please!" Nel screams. "You've done enough! Just please, have mercy on me!"

The man begins to scream. He's lost his mind, he's lost his humanity. The only thing he ever wanted was to be loved, to be wanted by her. His love has turned to an obsession.

"Mercy? Mercy?!" He paces towards her. "You think you deserve mercy?! You don't deserve to live!" 

Nel stares at the scratches on his face she had done. She hangs from her arms tied to an iron hook on the wall. "I'm so sorry, whatever I did I'm sorry!" She begs for her life as blood trickles down her forehead.

"You'll be sorry when I'm done with you. You'll be my new accessory. My new toy. My rag doll." He grins, gripping onto just a thread and a needle. 

"No, please! Don't! Don't!" She screams.

WARNING: This book contains gore that may not be suitable for all readers and mild sexual content.

  • drama
  • horror
  • murder
  • mystery
  • romance
  • stalker
  • thriller
kaitiemichelle1212 kaitiemichelle1212 Apr 26, 2017
Honestly am I the only one who's parents don't call me "dear, honey, sweetie, etc."? Actually I've never had a friend or family member called that by parents either.
Maxerica4dawin Maxerica4dawin Jun 27, 2017
I have no words to express my anger and disappointment rn. 😔😔😔
ttttiiii ttttiiii Jan 30
It's sad to think that people would actually do this for money 😰
Destiny0lovestowrite Destiny0lovestowrite Aug 14, 2017
Why would you do that if he smelled that way... Like how stupid are you
alabamar23 alabamar23 Jun 30, 2016
Awesome books so far. Can't wait what twists you got for us.
xXSugar_BabyXx21 xXSugar_BabyXx21 Jun 29, 2016
On point, it escalated very fast when the dad died but nether then that. It's great 😜