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Love The Way You Lie

Love The Way You Lie

102K Reads 4.5K Votes 38 Part Story
P By ParisCarter7 Completed

Nineteen year old E'mani Jones thought she knew it all, she was that girl with the daddy issues .. looking for love in all the wrong places !! Doing anything she could to numb the pain of her past .. that's until she meets her match in twenty four year old Caine !! A notorious druglord, business owner, & well known player !! As cold hearted as they come will he be for her better or for her worse !!

cxdaniels cxdaniels Apr 27, 2016
Love love love  !!!! Feeling super excited for more chapters but I don't wanna seem like I'm telling you how to get rite your book or anything but I'd like it if she started talking to Caine & was still fuckin mani but dropped him for caine😂🤔
briskibri briskibri Apr 27, 2016
Nothing wrong with it to me I mean you can easily tell who's saying what
aijeiaaa aijeiaaa 7 days ago
Good so far!👍🏾However in the future, can you make you dialogue have quotation marks please ?🙂