Living In Nightmares And Dreams Zane X Reader Mystreet

Living In Nightmares And Dreams Zane X Reader Mystreet

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♡Otaku Heart♡ By Anime_Author246 Completed

Y/n. A newcomer to Mystreet. She is living with her sister Lujille. Will she meet friends or lovers? Does a boy named Zane that she meet love or hate her? Find out in this story.


Hello Godesses!! Welcome to Nightmares and Dreams! Hope you enjoy ! And i am currently improving my writing skills so i have mistakes in chapter one to who knows what chapter. Maybe i will edit them in the future! But anyway,


Lahey_Lover4 Lahey_Lover4 Aug 15, 2016
My oc has light blue hair so it sounded weird when I read this
VT_Centurian VT_Centurian Jul 26, 2016
BLUE FROM WOLFS RAIN!?and speak of Irene and the devil my name in the book is Blu but B L U not B L U E!!!
Alexgirl101 Alexgirl101 Oct 15, 2016
Hey author~sama, can I be in a story??? like, actually have my own character plz
Evilex12 Evilex12 Nov 07, 2016
Super chill. Are you adding them to the book. Like other than a chat?
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin Dec 02, 2016
Shut up, Travis. *slaps him with an Eel* don't ask how the hell i got an eel. I don't know myself.
Anime_Author246 Anime_Author246 May 24, 2016
Guys Laurence is Dante. Please understand that.