Complications (Dinah Jane/You)

Complications (Dinah Jane/You)

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"Hey hey hey." Taylor, one of my closest friends since childhood, greets as she knocks on my bedroom door.

"How the hell did you even get in here?" I ask, sitting up slightly, careful to not disturb the books spread across my bed.

"Your mother let me in." She grins widely and comes over to my bed to move one of my books so she can sit down.

"Of course she did." I mumble, sitting up fully and packing my books up neatly so she can sit more comfortably. "So what do you want? I'm done doing the foreign language assignments for you now."

"Relax." She waves me off. "This is not about any work. This is about you coming out with me tonight."

"Tonight?" I ask, picking my phone up to check the date. 

"Yeah tonight." She grabs my phone out of my hand. "No more you being in the house, no more of these damn books and no more of you looking like something the car dragged in." She ruffles my hair.

"Gee thanks." I mumble as I flatten it. "And I have a presentation due soon, so I don't thi...

yeah either talking or laughing or singing her voice is so wow
Hey, hey, hey just think while you've been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheaters of the world you could have been getting down to this sick beat
My mom is like this because I never leave the house. As long as she knows where I am she dosen't give af 
                              I'm also her last kid out of 3 so shes done with me now shes just like leave please
Me: Please stop sending me snapchats, it's 1 am, go to sleep
lolosidehoe lolosidehoe Nov 24
Hehe instead my mama being on my D can she sub for her 😎💀💀
Oh my god I read this as 'Fist me' I have such a dirty mind 😂 I don't even know how I managed to completely ignore 2 words in between 😋