The Princess Project #OnceUponNow

The Princess Project #OnceUponNow

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Being a Queen was considered everything to my four outrageous cousins. I for one do not care, I never want to be a ruling monarch. Never. The Princess Project was a ritual that my country had been doing for decades. The government of Amaren would choose one descendant of the five royal lineages and make her the project of the country. The Princess would be expected to marry the chosen prince of the country. Of course this sounds like either the best contest you have heard of, or the worst. I personally agree with the civilians who despise it. 

This short story contains 10 chapters, and was entered in the #OnceUponNow contest sponsored by Target! 

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Started | April 17, 2016

Finished | April 24, 2016

I love this first chapter,  and it's nice to see another fellow OnceUponNow writer, like myself. Good job!  I think you make it to the top.
You really seem to have a grasp with your storyline which is amazing! Your sort reminds me of The a Selection and I'm falling in love with your story :,) 
                              I think you got a chance in this contest and you've got my vote- I'll be reading for chapter two ;)
This sentence is rather long, you might want to consider breaking it up a little :) EM
galaxiteblr galaxiteblr Jun 13
I am so hooked, even from the first chapter! This is nicely written and vaguely reminds me of The Selection :)
What's the name of the song that plays the video?Please I need to know it 🙏🏻
I recently did a "watt-talk" book review on your book and I thought I would share my love for it! It was only fair I think I told ya! (link if you wanna watch it's cool if not!) I hope lots more people go read it