Fire, Ice and Everything Nice (YuZhou Fan Fic)

Fire, Ice and Everything Nice (YuZhou Fan Fic)

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Ciel By SweetestSin1314 Completed

What happens when someone as cool as the multi millionaire Timmy, met someone as hot as Johnny, the struggling jack of all trades? Will love emerge or will it subside?

It all started when Timmy wished for true love. Never expecting it to happen as soon as possible. He met Johnny then his world goes upside-down.He was straight, but why is he captivated by Johnny's smile? Even wondered what his lips tastes like. He thinks Johnny is hot, and he even crossed his dreams.

Be careful what you wish for, cause you might just get it. Follow how a wish changes everything from normal to an enchanting love affair.

Disclaimer: This was purely fictional. I do not own Timmy and Johnny (well, I wish Johnny was my boyfie! kidding)

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Bluefuntime Bluefuntime Jul 16, 2017
I went to a wishing well before on my town and I wished to have a boyfriend. I've been waiting 14 years
IIdontwanttotellyouI IIdontwanttotellyouI Sep 16, 2017
This is why you make them make out in front of you and record it for further blackmail.
                              See future Criminal Minds aspirant right here!
                              (Don't do this, kids!) :D
reodavle reodavle Jul 16, 2017
Woah, he's a super man! Do your best johnny! (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
DeepBlueCee DeepBlueCee Jun 28, 2016
Gawd. My favorite BL in a story so different from 'Addicted'. I'll definitely share it to my friends! Keep writing!
JackieAppling JackieAppling Oct 11, 2016
This is a great beginning, love the wish he made, so sweet...looking forward to the next chapter.
- - Jan 05, 2017
Gad! I just read the sypnosis or intro, and I was like been dragged here by OUR JOHNNY (his mine but I will let you taste him a little bit XD). I am expecting so much on this! BWAHHAHAHAHAHA!