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Absofruitly Artsy The Second

Absofruitly Artsy The Second

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❯ a soft musician By avian-fuvola Updated 4 days ago

//please skip to later chapters for better art ahha,,//
Hey look, it's the second piece of art garbage on this account.
OCs, personifications of crud, fanart of other peoples' characters, requests sometimes and gifts! yep

come on in and have a blast, m8s

pina-coleada pina-coleada May 01, 2016
That moment when you don't see that this book exists until 5 days later.
                              Thanks Wattpad for not getting your shite together! I appreciate it!
TheTMNTLeoFanForever TheTMNTLeoFanForever Apr 26, 2016
                              I HAVE ARRIVED
                              OR HAVE I 
                              AM I LOST IN THE VOID
weabindaattic101 weabindaattic101 Apr 27, 2016
does it have vegetarian things because i am now intrigued by this
MysticalButterflies MysticalButterflies Apr 27, 2016
нeyo, ιм ѕlιgнтly laтe and ι jυѕт realιzed ιм тypιng ιn тнe wrong ғonт oн well
Pikochu Pikochu Apr 27, 2016
An I was forgotten. :'(
                              *shrugs* Always next time, I suppose.
avian-fuvola avian-fuvola Apr 26, 2016
@weabindaattic101 you too sista I think I backspaced on accident hnn I'msorryy