Beauty Sleep // Chou Tzuyu

Beauty Sleep // Chou Tzuyu

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❤Dahyun❤ By XxDahyun-MisoxX Updated Nov 27

The beautiful, Taiwanese maknae of Twice has died in her sleep. The group, Onces, and the JYP Entertainment Family are devastated. Chou Tzuyu is no longer able to occupy earth with her singing and dancing abilities.

Or so they thought.

She appears to Sana one night before the Japanese native went to sleep. She explains that she wants to see her little family one last time before crossing over. But what happens when Tzuyu can't cross over?

And on top of that, TWICE is splitting down the middle, Sana trusts nobody but the debuted JYP trainee, Jeon Somi, and she discovers exactly how Tzuyu died. She never signed up for this, but she's in way too deep now.

Slight SaTzu

Wait this part is confusing author nim was it her first time dreaming that or around a year ago that it started
kkamjonq kkamjonq Nov 02
Author Nim, Please DM me on Instagram @nayeonhi because I made you a book cover :D Please use it, is is nice. Promise!
Love it so far . this is a great story and I hope you'll finish it 😆