Schizophrenia (Jacksepticeye × Reader)

Schizophrenia (Jacksepticeye × Reader)

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terribly written, old story of mine. (bear in mind, i wrote this when i was thirteen, so it's super cringey.)

WARNING: mature scenes, strong language. read at your own risk.

"I hear voices... no one would love a guy like that." jack said, obviously ashamed as he hung his head low.
'you have no idea how bad I just want to tell you how I feel... but I can't.' (Y/N) thought, as she continued to comfort the broken boy in her arms.

name of patient: seán mcLoughlin 
age: 16
sex: male
illness(es): schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anger issues

name of patient: (Y/N) (L/N)
age: 15
sex: female
illness(es): schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, depression

Dark brown 
                              Almost black 
                              People say I have black eyes.
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I am re-reading this story. There for I know that this is awesome.
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I bite the surface of my tongue
                              Sometimes it gets so bad its hard to eat for a few days because my tongue hurts so much
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