Quiet [Cry / Cryaotic x Reader]

Quiet [Cry / Cryaotic x Reader]

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Sean Lazeau By FredFredEnglish Updated Apr 26, 2016

Y/n was a good 19 year old girl. she went to a local college for Psychology and Art. her parents where doctors. her Godparents where involved with her family. Her God brother loved her to death.

But what happens when she overhears her Godparents planning to kill her parents? 

What happens when they figure this out, they abduct her and remove and destroy her vocal cords? abandon her two weeks after her being gone, in a front yard a county away and she breaks into a house she thought was hers.

what happens when she meets Ryan, a 22 year old boy who creates a liking for her?

Find out in Quiet: A Cryaotic x Reader.