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Soul Mates (Sans x reader) [CURRENTLY REWRITING]

Soul Mates (Sans x reader) [CURRENTLY REWRITING]

28.6K Reads 874 Votes 25 Part Story
E By DweebIndeed Completed


(I do not own the cover art. Artist unknown)

" The Soul selects her own Society --

Then -- shuts the Door --

To her divine Majority --

Present no more --

Unmoved -- she notes the Chariots --

pausing --

At her low Gate --

Unmoved -- an Emperor be kneeling

Upon her mat --

I've known her -- from an ample nation --

Choose One --

Then -- close the Valves of her attention --

Like Stone -- " ~ Emily Dickinson

Long ago, two races ruled peacefully over the earth. HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke lose between the two races.

After a long battle, the HUMANS reigned victorious, and with that they sealed all the MONSTERS underground.

Years later..... A girl named (Y/N) falls down the rabbit- er, mountain hole... Into a whole new world with whole new, and different, inhabitants. In the world of monsters, she meets a skeleton named Sans. He helps her through a snowy town and helps give her somewhere to stay in her time in the Underground. She knows that one day she might have to leave Sans and them behind.... But will she? Or will she lose control of her own decisions?

Which side will she chose....

Her mind or her heart?

" I could tell from the time I met you... Our souls were destined to be together. So why'd you have to do this...? Why'd you have to go and die on me?! "

" I'll come back..... I promise. "

RandomPotatoAlien RandomPotatoAlien 6 days ago
Dark blue sneakers, a dark blue hoodie with white fur on the hood, black jeans. Also very short, green hair which is darker at the roots.
You have do much potential! I still write terrible, well done for such a good job!
lucyfrisk lucyfrisk May 05
So kawaii 
                              So D E A D L Y.
                              And a bit of psycho. (Idk if i spelled that right T^T ;-;)
ICE chapter!!!!  ( tibia honest I actually meant to put nice.... but ehhh I'm to lazy to even restart everything...sooooo.... yeah... BYE!!!😂😂)
Superadorable0 Superadorable0 5 days ago
Green Nikes Neon Green laces, dark green hoodie with a blue stripe in the middle looks like sans' but green, short blonde hair.
sadly_singal sadly_singal 4 days ago
Ahhhhh I love the sound of hide the screams coming from my basement