THICK: The Big Girl's Skinny Guide To Revenge (The McEllis Belles)

THICK: The Big Girl's Skinny Guide To Revenge (The McEllis Belles)

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Ramona Morris By MonaChiedu Updated Oct 14, 2014

Personal tragedy affects people in different ways. 

Some people cry and go through depression by shutting every one out of their lives but Valerie Vanzant's husband decided to cheat.

To add insult to injury,he also became mentally and physically abusive towards the woman who'd stood by him when he had nothing. Food began to become her only source of comfort but as the pounds began to pile on...the abuse only got worse.

It all came to a halt when her husband demands a divorce so that he can move in with his pregnant mistress claiming that there is no love between the two of them.

It seems like fate when a hunky, yet out of her league divorce attorney, moves into her neighborhood, right next door. Somehow, he doesn't seem interested in the skinny-mini models who parade in front of his house daily, trying to find a man with money to take care of them.

But why does he seem to be more interested in her knowing that she is far from his type? As they try to steer through her cloudy divorce, will the memories of her failed marriage tear them apart?

AbrianinParidise AbrianinParidise May 05, 2016
What I don't understand is why is he married to her if he thinks she's ugly
wedderburn71 wedderburn71 May 30, 2016
I understand why she wants revenge. Nobody deserves to be treated like that
Purely_Yours Purely_Yours Mar 15, 2015
i like how you started it now I want to know how she gonna get revenge
Ashe_Hime Ashe_Hime Mar 12, 2015
I recently finished your book "After Hours" and I just fell in love with it. I couldn't put it down! I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one!!
AmourDrea AmourDrea Nov 01, 2014
I ❤️ the beginning! It just flowed and somewhat showed hatred and pain!
VickiGibbs VickiGibbs Nov 01, 2014
you're doing a great job keep up the good work. I look forward to more chapters and Malcolm getting it in the end.