It started with a dream❤️ Marichat ❤️

It started with a dream❤️ Marichat ❤️

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MariBeaumont1416 By MariBeaumont1416 Updated Oct 11, 2016

Marinette always thought she loved Adrien, she never doubted it. But now, she isn't so sure. Chat is also questioning his own feelings for ladybug. Because Chat knows he's falling for Marinette, and Marinette knows she is falling deeply for Chat.

Marichat love story. Identity reveal later in the book


_Witty_Kitty_ _Witty_Kitty_ Jul 09, 2016
Alarm clocks always ruin everything fan fic or if you have one. Everything good gets ruinded cuz of u :  Alarm cloxk
Why is she asking if she can know his identity when she told them they cant show there identites!!?
                              Mar sometimes you can be a little wierd....:D
MuruneSanne MuruneSanne May 04, 2016
Hey, I stumbled across your story when you voted on mine. I really like this. Keep it up <3
EtherealLight EtherealLight Jul 01, 2016
Scientifically, if a crush lasts for more than four months, you're in love.
Cinnamon-Blue Cinnamon-Blue Jul 03, 2016
It's really good, I like the concept. I think it would be good to show some Ladynoir scenes just to help build the tension that Marinette is feeling.
IMoVeDToAnEwAcCoUnT IMoVeDToAnEwAcCoUnT Jul 02, 2016
Noooo whyyy, come on!!!😢😢 i would have broke the alarm clock