Savior (BoyxBoy)

Savior (BoyxBoy)

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Calico Trayce By Calico_Trayce Updated Jul 17, 2016

Michael Lewis has a bad habit of getting involved with cute boys and becoming dangerously obsessed. It ends the same way, every time, without fail; a broken heart. 
Despite countless lectures from his sisters that nobody wants a controlling boyfriend, he steadfastly remains dedicated to his search for the one that will understand his fixations and love him for who he is.
So, when he meets Jonah - a damaged little thing with a dark past - Mike damn well loses his mind. 
Hurt/Comfort - BoyxBoy - Hella' Gay.

[Sequel to Brutal Brother]

Warning: mature content such as graphic sex, language. Some content such as discussion/topics of abuse and eating disorders may upset some readers. Read at your discretion.

YenFzal YenFzal Dec 22, 2016
I just seriously hope that michael dont hurt or abuse poor jonah anymore i dont want to cry with jonah after the abuse of his brother T.T
DavidTheHydra DavidTheHydra Nov 22, 2016
Can we all just take a moment and try to break space and time just to hug Johan? Pleeeeaaasse
louis_tummy louis_tummy Dec 21, 2016
dude I'm literally about to cry rn... maybe it's cause I'm on my period but also cause I've grown so close to Jonah and I hate seeing him so broken like this. ur writing is so entrancing @Calico_Trayce 😭😭
Carichan Carichan Dec 18, 2016
He reminds me of Isaac, but yet...he's different. 
                              Or at least I hope so.
louis_tummy louis_tummy Dec 21, 2016
I don't know if I should feel happy for Jonah for escaping Issac or disappointed cause he's sleeping around
louis_tummy louis_tummy Dec 21, 2016
I literally squeaked when I read this. i don't want anything to hurt Jonah! he's too fragile😩