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 Yandere Neo x reader

Yandere Neo x reader

18.6K Reads 203 Votes 3 Part Story
SC By Silentshyguy123 Completed

Neo likes you very much
And she gets what she wants
Warning: Mature content

Blanky8th Blanky8th Dec 29, 2016
Well considering in the mood you are in I thank you for not umbrellaing me to death instead of just taking my wallet
RoyNassr RoyNassr Dec 23, 2016
*wakes up to see everyone staring at him looks down * WHAT THE F#%K *throws the panties across the room* DAFUK
Rohanator Rohanator Jan 19
Hm brass knuckles and wants gauntlets ok I get why she likes us now
PabloSegura528 PabloSegura528 Dec 23, 2016
Oh you're trying to pet something alright, but it's not the dog.
Blanky8th Blanky8th Dec 29, 2016
If you wanted her help you shouldn't have called in the first place not to mention you would have to have a texting conversation if you want her to even be able to do anything to help you
Blanky8th Blanky8th Dec 29, 2016
I can't read lips or hand signals or motions or body laungage.
                              Needless to say I am the worst at sherades