Married To A Jerk

Married To A Jerk

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Myeong Ju is 22 years old and lives with her parents in a tiny bungalow, she doesn't have a job or pay rent for the room she's living in so her parents arrange for her to get married.

Im Jaebum (JB) is the leader of a famous kpop group called GOT7, he treats his members well but when it comes to getting married to Myeong, he is cold and careless with her, his parents want him to go back to how he used to be so they arrange for the marriage.

What will happen? will he go back to being a sweet and genuine guy?Will they fall in love? Will obstacles get bietween them?

Find out in Married To a Jerk.
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Started: 01/05/16

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Taenkyou Taenkyou Nov 23
Sitting here wondering what's with the gotta luhan and tao thing
minhyukxo minhyukxo Oct 11
Don’t worry bb I’m having an affair with Yugyeom behind your back.