War of Fate (Book 2)

War of Fate (Book 2)

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This is Book 2. Read Hades' Daughter before this one, if you haven't already. 

Scarlett's short time on earth has been eventful, to say the least, but it's not over yet. After her boyfriend dying; her once friend, now enemy, taking him; her family and friends thinking she's crazy; and coming home to find the head of Reid's killer,  you probably think her life can only get better, right? Not if you're the devil's daughter. Life only gets weirder every second. Not only does she have to battle the revolution, she has to fight her heart. Can Scar save Reid from Kyle, but also from his own mind, before it's too late? Or will Kyle's mind games make Hades' daughter feel powerless and vulnerable? All of this, however, looks tame compared to the everyday life of high school and friends.

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katqueen45 katqueen45 Jun 18, 2016
I am Nobody. I was born Nobody. My name is Nobody. Now, Nobody shall kick Kyle's ass if you know what I mean.
KillerOfFlies2 KillerOfFlies2 Aug 28, 2016
Oh my bad what I meant to say was you over grown man child. Hmm that's better
dakhjo dakhjo Dec 21, 2016
When she kills you I hope she cuts off your head and serves it to Reid for dinner!
c0rpse c0rpse Jul 19, 2016
Ugh don't you remember that they can attach there heads again
Barinad Barinad May 26, 2016
Um when are you going to make part 6 because i'm done reading part 5
LaughAtMyJokesHoe LaughAtMyJokesHoe Sep 02, 2016