supervillain [scomiche]

supervillain [scomiche]

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anna (aka john green???) By supahfruit Updated Aug 21, 2017


after discovering that he could manipulate matter and his surroundings with only his hands, mitch grassi used his power for evil and quickly became los angeles' most feared supervillain, destroyer.

la's trusty superhero comes to the rescue with a mission. the fixer is determined to get to know the man under the makeup, try to find out why he became a supervillain, and try to talk him out of it. 

a charming smile and a coffee date may change the world as they know it, forever.


i use proper capitalization in this book

cover by @VanillaWind

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Grete_ Grete_ Nov 01, 2017
I'm probably rereading for at least the fourth time, because this book is probably my favourite (or at least one of them)
simspoff simspoff Dec 26, 2017
how would that go down
                              "HAAARGH- oh wait a second i just got something *busts out suitcase of supplies*"
                              "oh this is gonna be a hit i can tell"
                              "what is this"
                              "ok ok right right *tackles hero* SDOSBFKAEKDNAJFNLAVXMA"
Grete_ Grete_ Sep 29, 2017
Come on Mitchie. Here's how to do it:
                              "Umm, sir? Would you please excuse me for a few minutes. See, I'm the famous writer Mitch Grassi and I really need some time to write. Thank you for understanding, sir, I promise I'll be back to fight you."
                              See? Easy
Jazznat99 Jazznat99 Apr 26, 2017
I'm gonna make a wild guess and say Travis left him and he felt horrible and suddenly, his mind changed and he became evil.
RKlmao RKlmao May 02, 2017
I want him to make me my own MechaGodzilla(Kiryu) or Gigan lmao
EnderQueenEx3 EnderQueenEx3 Jul 13, 2016
On coffe date:
                              Scott: So, destroy any buildings lately?
                              Mitch: Ugh YAS! I SLAYED this one bank, there was a cute boy there so I let him live, but I dragged that building so hard there's only a few bricks left showing where it was.
                              Scott: ummmm cool cool