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anna (aka john green???) By supahfruit Updated Feb 05


after discovering that he could manipulate matter and his surroundings with only his hands, mitch grassi used his power for evil and quickly became los angeles' most feared supervillain, destroyer.

la's trusty superhero comes to the rescue with a mission. the fixer is determined to get to know the man under the makeup, try to find out why he became a supervillain, and try to talk him out of it. 

a charming smile and a coffee date may change the world as they know it, forever.


i use proper capitalization in this book

cover by @VanillaWind

Sup3rfcute_ Sup3rfcute_ Nov 29, 2016
I literally face palmed at that😂😂 I have to admit,  I laughed at the joke
PTX4Life2017 PTX4Life2017 7 days ago
I guess he has to learn to Love Again? Get it? Cause the makeup..... From the song..... And- Oh forget it. Nobody understands me! *cries and eats big bowl of ice cream*
EnderQueenEx3 EnderQueenEx3 Jul 13, 2016
On coffe date:
                              Scott: So, destroy any buildings lately?
                              Mitch: Ugh YAS! I SLAYED this one bank, there was a cute boy there so I let him live, but I dragged that building so hard there's only a few bricks left showing where it was.
                              Scott: ummmm cool cool
Is Sebastian the name of the lobster thing in little mermaid? that's what I immediately thought id
Seven words in and already hit with a reference. I'M GONNA LOVE THIS BOOK
When you see the name sebastian and all you think about it la la land...