Pronoun Problems: A Novel About Friendship, Transgender and (eventually) Ninjas

Pronoun Problems: A Novel About Friendship, Transgender and (eventually) Ninjas

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AaronRubicon By AaronRubicon Updated 4 days ago

Tom and I were childhood best friends. And were convinced that we were funny. So convinced that, when we grew up, we drove across the country to make our mark writing comedy in Los Angeles. And against all odds, we did.

Until one day, Tom told me something about himself. Something shocking, something I never expected. A secret that would change everything.

Our friendship had survived the hellish halls of High School and the cut-throat studios of Hollywood.
But would it survive this?

A work of fiction inspired by true events, "PRONOUN PROBLEMS" is the hilarious and heartbreaking story about what happens to a guys' friendship when one of them stops being a guy.

(Cover by the talented and oh-so-patient @Lucyface, aka Lucy Rhodes.)

Silvery_Moon_Thing Silvery_Moon_Thing Dec 29, 2016
This happens to be my writing style, so I know from first-hand experience it's never a good idea.
YoncaMeryemTekin YoncaMeryemTekin Aug 18, 2016
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LLAP115 LLAP115 Sep 02, 2016
nice! although him vomiting all over the maze would have been funny too ;D
cleverwren cleverwren Jul 16, 2016
This is wonderful :) I'm really happy for Jennifer. It is a tough battle for anyone who struggles with gender identity, and I look forward to seeing you write on a topic like this. Thank you. It really is appreciated.
hohoenic hohoenic Aug 08, 2016
The story hasn't even started and I already feel like crying
TroddomQueer TroddomQueer Nov 27, 2016
If I was a girl I'd be the biggest lesbian in a small body
                              Wait, I am a lesbian in a small body godamn it.