The Library Agreement

The Library Agreement

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s.l. By rowlings Completed

I guess you could say it all started with the Library Agreement.

She came in every day, each time walking up to my desk and meeting my eyes with a sort of forced smile, the kind that broken-hearted people give.

❝I'm here for a book.❞ She'd say, and I would smirk.

❝Aren't you always?❞

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Unicornlover2024 Unicornlover2024 Dec 11, 2017
GUYS! She specifically asked for no cussing in the comments and now people go right away and cuss! Please be respectful!
KrazyKeera19 KrazyKeera19 Apr 09, 2017
LoL I've read all the way to the Synopsis or whatever its called but I stopped reading and now im back to say that the girls fingers on the book cover looks like a set of chair legs... Idk... Like they're spread apart perfect and kinda square instead of the curvey oval thing... LoL nvm, bye.
myownworlds myownworlds Jul 06, 2016
Just want to put this out there.
                              I read the whole authors note!
cocoaholic cocoaholic Feb 03, 2017
rule number two will be hard for me to follow, seeing as my main account is filled with swearing, but I'll try my best to censor
heslethal heslethal Feb 02, 2017
I'm here, because of Paper Hearts and I need to read all of your books lol.
MartaxSofia MartaxSofia Jul 21, 2016
Alternated POVs during the same chapters are hard to write, you were and are able to do it really well