A Devil's Love

A Devil's Love

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Kimberly By KimberlyDhillon Updated Jan 17

Many people say not to enter the north part of town; they say the devil lives there. Ashton Grey is known for his cold and emotionless exterior. Rumours state he is selfish, callous, and sinister. Other gangs or mafia groups do not dare challenge the man known as the devil, knowing there is a possibility of their death lingering in the air if they do so. 

Kimberly Dylan draws the short end of the stick when she bumps into this beast of a man. She is a young woman with a haunted past that seems to follow her around like her own shadow. Chaos erupts as their destiny's become one.

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here" - William Shakespeare

SamaliaPoteete SamaliaPoteete Jun 17, 2016
Usually when someone says that they haven't edited or proof read a chapter I cringe. But I could red this clearly. Anyways nice first chapter, I'm definitely baited for the next!
jacepearson jacepearson Dec 22, 2014
The poor girl, she's probably going through a lot of emotional stress! I love your story! Keep going :)