Not Quite The Same

Not Quite The Same

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S. Helen By Kid4eva Updated a day ago

Stiles Stilinski is human. Just a plain, simple human. So in comparison to werewolves, and a banshee, and a kitsune, he seems normal, average-- useless. But that's what makes him perfect for the newest threat to not only Beacon Hills, but the whole world.

(Little note: Allison isn't dead, and neither is Aiden. I won't be following with any season, but this is a while after the events of the Nogistune. Malia and Stiles never started dating, either. Also, this was inspired from Captain America: The Winter Soldier so some themes will be the same.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters (beside the Commander), they belong to Jeff Davis. I also do not own any of the gifs, videos, or picture/fan art, they belong to their respective owners.


HahaMental HahaMental Nov 20
Lol if I was in da pack, I'd be the one saying   " I'm sorry for your was future boyfriend. But just to cheer you up, remember.. he can always be your boyfriend in your wet dreams." Lol I know that would be mean at the time were he's missing and he has feelings for him but I'm an asshol