Not Quite The Same (Hiatus)

Not Quite The Same (Hiatus)

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Kid4eva By Kid4eva Updated Feb 22

Stiles Stilinski is human. Just a plain, simple human. So in comparison to werewolves, and a banshee, and a kitsune, he seems normal, average-- useless. But that's what makes him perfect for the newest threat to not only Beacon Hills, but the whole world.

(Little note: Allison isn't dead, and neither is Aiden. I won't be following with any season, but this is a while after the events of the Nogistune. Malia and Stiles never started dating, either. Also, this was inspired from Captain America: The Winter Soldier so some themes will be the same.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters (beside the Commander), they belong to Jeff Davis. I also do not own any of the gifs, videos, or picture/fan art, they belong to their respective owners.


How did they manage to keep stiles silent? That one of the impossible things to do.
HahaMental HahaMental Nov 20, 2016
Lol if I was in da pack, I'd be the one saying   " I'm sorry for your was future boyfriend. But just to cheer you up, remember.. he can always be your boyfriend in your wet dreams." Lol I know that would be mean at the time were he's missing and he has feelings for him but I'm an asshol
Exactly, happens in my town every month. No big deal, or something
otaku6337 otaku6337 Jan 07
Wah... that's so SAD. Makes me wanna cry... but I love bada*** Stiles so I'll forgive you! Just joking, your story's brilliant!
Damn it. Rip arm 2016. I hope his grave is next to Buckys arm grave. If they found his arm.
true____alpha true____alpha Dec 19, 2016
Hoping it's not sterek, but it is your book so... you do you 😅