tramp // lashton ✔

tramp // lashton ✔

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ana rita By StyPotter Completed

❝My father says I shouldn't talk to people like you.❞

❝And what am I? A rebel? A tramp? There is nothing wrong with breaking the rules sometimes, baby boy.❞

where luke is from a rich family and meets ashton


All rights reserved to Ana Rita @StyPotter May 9, 2016

mr wang pls leave i'm trying to read some Aus bands fanfic not yours.
And I don't tolerate big headed āssholes so gtfo of my sight
zeeunf zeeunf May 12
Luke is baby boy? If he is, then it's literally my username :)
Hamillhoe Hamillhoe May 09
Asking for a friend.....can I be the dumpster they have dinner behind 😂😂
you should do rapunzel lashton and make luke stuck in the tower and instead of having long hair it's a long dick