Second Chance

Second Chance

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jikook-immy17 By jikook-immy17 Updated Nov 01

Jungkook had a huge crush on his senior park jimin but he never had the chance to confess.. because jimin already had min yoongi and they were inseparables. 

Jimin and yoongi got married couple years after high school, that's when jungkook lost the hope of having him

Years after, jungkook became the director of one of his father's companies.. the company that jimin would give everything to have a job there

And guess what? Jimin is divorced.

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taetaeebaby taetaeebaby Sep 13
Poor baby....😭 
                              Yoongi can u feel that?.. im choking u from the distance.
taetaeebaby taetaeebaby Sep 13
Kookie staph.. u're giving me the secondhand embarrassment .... 😳
You gon need freaking my classroom for that burn (get it cause classrooms are cold asf)
Ugh this is my first time reading jikook cause I'm a yoonmin shipper but I'mma let this slide this story better not disappoint