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The Fastest Girl Alive [COMPLETED]

The Fastest Girl Alive [COMPLETED]

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Crash By ThatCrashFanGirl Completed

My name is Sadie Allen. Yes, like Barry Allen, The Flash. I am the daughter of Barry Allen, adoptive daughter anyway. When I was a born, my parents didn't want me, so they left me out in an alley way to die. Luckily, a nice man named Barry Allen just happened to be walking by, and decided to take me in. I'm now 17 years old, and guess what? I'm a speedster.

The Fastest Girl Alive:
A Young Justice Fanfiction

Wally. . . . . Is it as in Wally Allen a.k.a Kid Flash, Barry Allens Nephew????
                              I'm confused right now.
                              Is it Wally Allen?????? this, like, after the events of Season 3 or something?
Ik how Wally died. I'm watched Young Justice. It's was sad, I didnt notice I was in tears til the end of the episode. Poor poor Wally. . . . 
                              (Yes, I didnt get infected with Autocorrect)
I legit thought this was about the CW series until I saw the words "young Justice League".
Stupid AUTO CORRET DONT DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!! what I wrote in the last two comments plz ignore. The stupid Autocorrect messed up what I was writing and since I'm grounded, I have no internet, so I can't fix the last two comments, curse you Autocorrect
Question_Leprechaun Question_Leprechaun Sep 22, 2016
TRIGGERED! Me and my friend still take a moment of silence whenever someone mentions Wally.