Daddy Did It *Criminal Minds Fan Fiction*

Daddy Did It *Criminal Minds Fan Fiction*

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Darci Buchanan By DarciBuchanan Completed

Alex and Micheal's father has never been the same since their mother left. He had lost his good paying job and turned to alcohol to feed his depression. He was  filled with anger and found the perfect out let. His  own children. He never hurt his children until now and he hasn't stopped since he did.

One day he loses his new job and suddenly beating his children just isn't enough anymore. He starts to do other things and his children only care that the abuse has stopped. Until one night, Alex decides to follow her father.

And she finds out exactly "What Daddy Does."

  • abuse
  • crime
  • criminal
  • death
  • fbi
  • investigation
  • minds
  • murder
-treasure -treasure Apr 25, 2017
omg I remember reading this in mid 2015 or something. It was one of my fave CM fanfics and I searched forever for it but I suddenly come across it 2 years later.
klever_kim klever_kim Mar 22, 2017
You need to fix the grammar on the "They" because there is only one person so you should say he, him, or the name
Psychick_Bookworm Psychick_Bookworm Apr 10, 2016
Psychick_Bookworm Psychick_Bookworm Apr 10, 2016
I have a bad feeling. But, being me, I'm gonna read this anyway. I hope emotions won't come to play in this. I just finished season 10 of Criminal Minds and I'm going to start re-watching old episodes soon.
Retsnom_4 Retsnom_4 Apr 25, 2016
I have 2knives,2pairs of scissors,2small wooden knives I made,a pack of matches,and a lighter under my bed where I I'm safe
DarciBuchanan DarciBuchanan May 31, 2015
@Heitcleff97 thanks that is so great to hear. I am glad you are enjoying the story