Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 (Shenko)

Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 (Shenko)

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Julianne Winters By Julianne_Winters Completed

*Book 1 is English Bay Blues
*Continues in: Lazarus Project

Promoted to Staff Lieutenant and reassigned to the prototype ship, the SSV Normandy, Kaidan can't wait for the next chapter in his career to unfold.

But when the mission on Eden Prime goes horribly wrong, amid intrigue, murder and ancient artifacts, the Normandy's shakedown cruise is far from ordinary. And when he starts falling for his Commanding Officer, it becomes the most challenging assignment he's ever faced.

Excerpt from Dragon's Teeth:
《《 "I suppose not. But you are still a remarkably strong-willed woman Shepard. What you learned about the Protheans is amazing."

"Nightmarish visions of synthetics slaughtering all organic life isn't exactly what I'd call amazing." She scoffed. "And neither are the headaches."

"Oh, by the goddess! I'm so sorry!" Liara exclaimed. "I didn't mean to make light of what happened to you. It's why I'm an archaeologist, I always manage to say the wrong things to people. I prefer working with ruins and artifacts." 》》

*Rated Mature for language & some adult content. 
**Canon/canon-divergent. Earthborn/Adept/War Hero #FemshepxKaidan

Hope you enjoy the ride. :)

Copyright 2016. Julianne Winters.
Cover design: Julianne Winters

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