FADING SCARS (Avenger/Pjo crossover)COMPLETED

FADING SCARS (Avenger/Pjo crossover)COMPLETED

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XxOREOKOOKIExX By mochipopXX Completed

The world felt like it was suffocating him; letting him sink into the darkness until he was no longer willing to search for the light.

They were gone.

He was alone.

Except for his Promise.

His eyes; the ones that used to glitter like the sunrise upon the ocean waves, lay sunken deep in their sockets, shattered beyond repair. There was no hope, so he thought.

So they all thought. 

 But the boy we all know and love must still be there beneath his facade....right? At least, thats what his uncle, Tony Stark, believes. And he will do anything in his power to help his nephew. 

HIGHEST RANK #2 in Percy Jackson Avenger crossovers
 This is an Avenger Pjo crossover!! It is set before civil war with the old Avengers, not the new. I started this way before Apollo Trials came out, so we are going to create a universe where Apollo Trials never existed. 

I do not own Avengers or Percy Jackson...but I'm guessing that's pretty obvious.

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Why does it feel like he wants to stab himself but can't because of the daughter.
Abbyh2007 Abbyh2007 Mar 31
Sobs and pullsPercy not saying a word and just hugs him and the baby
Whomst does you think you is, tryna go around breaking my heart like this
BookDragon111 BookDragon111 6 days ago
That's probably one of the most well-written sentences I've ever read. Why can't I write as good as you! Grrr!
I thought percy would of named his daughter Selena, Bianca or even Zoë, but anyway it is still a nice name
Abbyh2007 Abbyh2007 Mar 31
Softly pats Percy and hugs him and the Percabbeth child and picks,him up bridal style into the bank,of the lake instead of the imfirmary