You're Mine (COMPLETED)

You're Mine (COMPLETED)

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Run.I tell myself don't you stop running don't you dare he is hot on your heels he will get me he will hurt me so bad legs are killing me but I have no other choice I have to run and fast he will get me

suddenly i'm on the floor before I could move an Inch he was hovering over me I look up at him scared..scared? terrified no petrified now I'm shivering so bad,I can hear my heart I feel it's going to get out of my chest in seconds

"where do you think you're going, baby?" I heard his deep voice whispered in my ears I shivered not a good shiver you get when you're happy but a bad shiver a shiver which you get when you're scared as hell "Don't hurt me" my voice was raspy whispering almost unaudible but he heard.he chuckled and looked deep deep in my eyes ohh how I hate how his eyes makes me so weak at the knees how they scare the crap out of me.

you may think he is gorgeous I thought when I first met him but no that's completely wrong his look has nothing to do with his roughness you'll think he's sweet but he is a monster.

when you're forced to live with someone who is scary even more scary than a ghost who has one leg ,half burned face and One eye.

"Oh,why do you think I'll do that to you,love?" He said his hand touching my cheek I flinched at his  touch. his voice is deep so deep he chuckled at my reaction he carried me bridal style "where are you taking me?" I ask my voice is weaker than ever even my tongue is scared to say a word.

"Home" he said home?home?home? Please don't take me there I wish I could say that but I wouldn't dare.I close my eyes hoping when I open them I find that this is all a nightmare I wish that he never existed I wish I never saw him I opened my eyes again but no it's not a nightmare he is real he will take me 'home'

" oh andYou're not getting away so easy..You WILL be punished for running away from me"  Punished? that word can scare me to death.Ami I in hell? why is god punishing me like that?

fdsasdf09 fdsasdf09 Mar 07
You're mine 😋😋😋 haha !!  hope to like it till the end
cinnabon_maki cinnabon_maki Jun 29, 2017
How did she not feel any pain yesterday when he basically engraved her 'with his nail'? 😂😂😂
PurbaPaul PurbaPaul Feb 09
And after all that happened you didn't do anything!!!!!!
                              Are you serious!!!!
piercethelaura_ piercethelaura_ Oct 01, 2016
Why does everyone like British accents? I'm British and I'm so confused 😂
RomanceDeprived RomanceDeprived Nov 21, 2016
Is she really not concerned with the fact that he followed her home? Is she really just gonna go to sleep with him sitting outside her house like that?
truant_Delilah_xx truant_Delilah_xx Oct 21, 2013
whoa. I like it... Bt who is he? Okey, i m gnna find it in nxt chaptrs.