My Hero (Goku x Reader)

My Hero (Goku x Reader)

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TheMuffinButton By TheMuffinButton Updated 2 days ago

It's not easy growing up...

(Y/n) is fresh into independence, just graduating college at 21 years old. However, she is not completely independent like she wants to be. Her boyfriend controls every aspect of her life while he is around, and if she doesn't let him, well, it's pretty painful for her. She doesn't know how to get out of this situation without getting herself killed.

2nd place in the Goku category of the DBZ Wattys!

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TheFanFictionManiac TheFanFictionManiac Mar 15, 2017
Who are you talking too? It better not be me if is I will slap you so hard everybody in 10 universe will feel it
You wanna go Assh*le?!? Cause I’m about ready to kick you to god damn Planet Vegeta! Oh wait I can’t, Which means your going to the void...
glowradiant glowradiant Apr 16, 2017
*5 minutes later*
                              We see this 'Josh' person lying in a pool of his own blood and (Y/N) with yellow spiked up hair, blue-green eyes and yellow aura.
MorbidFace-AJ MorbidFace-AJ Aug 23, 2016
Mmm, Josh as the angry boy who acts like Vegeta. We have 3 now. Me, Josh and Vegeta. I shall praise you, but-
                              SO LIGHT EM UP UP UP
                              IM ON FIYA!
kaneli_kurenai kaneli_kurenai Dec 23, 2016
This guy is so mean I would have slapped the hell out of him
xDarkCreaturex xDarkCreaturex Feb 15, 2017
Well the pig comes with the pack, so if you don't like it, leave. -pats the pig in the head-