The Billionaires Desire (18+)

The Billionaires Desire (18+)

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Holly Claire By HollyClaire01 Updated Jan 10, 2017

WARNING: This book contains mature content for mature readers only. 

(Desire- A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.)

He was almost certain she was gifted of being demanding. She was sure that he was cursed into the forever burning embers of arrogance and stupidity and that unforgettable devil-may care attitude. A dangerous stranger to her, which excites and scares her. One thing is for certain, neither of them intended to lose in this dangerous game called desire so they manipulate each other to win. The question is, who will be the first one to break?

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Why would Damon & Helen try to set their daughter Rachel up with his business partner son anyway Plus he hasn't told Rachel why they were having the freaking party
joanne3146 joanne3146 May 04, 2017
I thought she locked the door twice? Her mother and brother both got in there
FukDatShit FukDatShit Mar 11
I love how her and her brother get along very well since they both really have only each other for real comfort and not just kids they entertain for their parents benefits.
AlexaAle07 AlexaAle07 May 16, 2016
Can't wait . Sounds interesting . And excuse my English. I am from Romania , so I can not handle extraordinary writing in English.