The Alpha's Mate | boyxboy

The Alpha's Mate | boyxboy

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arianagbubb42 By arianagbubb42 Updated Jun 12

"Your my best friend Jimin, I could never see you as a mate, sorry I guess. "

"Its fine, I saw it coming anyway. "

This is not an AU. 
(Alternative Universe which means made up universe i guess)

They are still in BTS but lets just pretend that everyone was either a hybrid/ vampire or something along those lines. 

             +Lonley Yoongi

??? Uhm author-nim I don't want to be rude :( but the sole you said is the sole of a shoe and I think you mean soul mate :/
How even... I'm listening to I Need U right now. How? Wot even....
Jikookiiie Jikookiiie Sep 17, 2016
Yes a new chapter :D
                              And Kookie likes someone who could it be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )