WISH [Boy/Boy, 19 Days]

WISH [Boy/Boy, 19 Days]

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Sumi-chi By Sumi-chi Updated Aug 22

A story of mischief, lust, hatred and love in equal measure, and boys being boys under the scorching heat of Hangzhou. But the course of love never does run smooth, as both pawns of the game come to learn. 

He Tian's the ruthless guy. Mō Guanshan, known for his flaming red hair, is the delinquent. Just how far will the walls of pride be broken in this effervescent game of dices?

(He Tian/Mō Guanshan)
Art of Mō on the cover by Umary (Check her blog out-talented artist!)

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bloopergone bloopergone Aug 14
Pfffft...hahahhahahahhahaha im sorry, shouldn't be laughing but poor girls
It seems quite interesting, you have a great writing style. I like that ☺
TimmyJh12 TimmyJh12 Aug 28
Owh interesting 😉. Thanks for sharing your stories with us 😊
LouiseDemos LouiseDemos Jun 30
Yay I like how your portraying He tian in this chapter :) he like in the story
bloopergone bloopergone Aug 14
Well,  im glad you hooked me up! Goddammit giuy (girl/guy) that's some crazy hocus pocus you're cooking up! I'm enjoying this! Voting and continuing for sure....just remember make this →♥ bleed