Flower Crown: An Everlark Story

Flower Crown: An Everlark Story

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Bughead_Everlark18 By Bughead_Everlark18 Updated Nov 11

Peeta Mellark. Peeta is the schools popular. Everyone loves him. The boys want to be him and the girls want to be with him. He's very rich as his parents own the best and richest bakery. He has a older brother Rye who is married and has kids then his older brother Challah who is his un-identical twin.

Katniss Everdeen. She's not what you call normal. She lives with her aunt and uncle and cousins. People just look at her. She never gets bullied but no one talks to her. No one knows what happened to her family. She has no sisters or brothers or parents. All people know is that she always wears flower crowns.

What happens when the schools popular starts to get curious?

What will happen later on?

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Jesus woman take a compliment!  Especially since its from PEETA 😍😂
MaskOfMyDisguise MaskOfMyDisguise Jun 16, 2016
SO FREAKING AMAZING. Katniss trusts him and she doesn't like it... man, I love this so much!!!
hh1711 hh1711 Jun 29, 2016
I from The Hunger Games a hundred and thirty-two times and I read the entire Mortal Instruments series over 349 times
LizzyAM20 LizzyAM20 Jun 15, 2016
Absolutely awesome!!❤️ pls update soon!!👏🏻👏🏻